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Relaxation Therapy

If you suffer from Anxiety, Depression, ADD, Addictions, Trauma, Insomnia, Anger problems or Stress related problems, this treatment can highly accelerate your healing in as little as 4 sessions!

Just like we develop our physical fitness, so to our mental fitness. We now know that through neuroplasticity the brain is a pliable organ that responds both positively and negatively to changes which occur by accident, biologically, environmentally or by choice. An example of our choice is when we go to school. We get exposed to new material, through study we learn it and by practice we develop it until the knowledge becomes secured in our memory. What happened is we physically changed our brain by creating new neural networks or neural pathways.


  Healthy-Brain   Depressed-Brain   Anxiety-Brain  
  normal brain depressed brain anxiety brain

The benefits of meditation and relaxation breathing have been exhaustively documented. Yet we found that those who needed it the most, like those suffering from any of the above conditions, had the greatest difficulty learning how to relax themselves using these natural methods. As we began to understand the brain function of those who suffer with the above conditions, we understood why. If you have any of the above conditions your brain is likely working against you when it comes to the practice of meditative relaxation!

We have had so many people who suffer from these conditions, who when directed in session through a relaxation exercise found it so helpful. They would say things like’ “I feel so relaxed, I could go to sleep!”, “My heart has stopped racing!” and “My head feels so clear”. Yet, when they tried to continue practicing at home, they failed. They would say, “My mind kept wandering” or “I couldn’t get my mind to quiet down”. That’s when we realized we needed a way to help people build the neural networks in their brain first so that they could then practice on their own and reap the benefits of meditative relaxation.

That’s where Wild Divine comes in. Using this specialized equipment you will learn by audio, visual and biofeedback how to practice and even master the art of relaxation through meditation. Practicing these exercises will help re-build the neural pathways and is physically changing your brain. A read out of each of your sessions will be given to you so you can chart your progress. And you will find yourself energized as situations and stressors that used to be difficult for you are more easily managed without using potentially addictive or harmful medications. It doesn’t take that long to secure this learning and once you know it, you know it. You can do this! And it will be fun!

Neuroplasticity- Webster’s Dictionary

Capacity of neurons and neural networks in the brain to change their connections and behaviour in response to new information, sensory stimulation, development, damage, or dysfunction. Rapid change or reorganization of the brain's cellular or neural networks can take place in many different forms and under many different circumstances. Neuroplasticity occurs when neurons in the brain sprout and form synapses. As the brain processes sensory information, frequently used synapses are strengthened while unused synapses weaken. Eventually, unused synapses are eliminated completely in a process known as synaptic pruning, which leaves behind efficient networks of neural connections. Neuroplasticity occurs during development in childhood, following physical injury such as loss of a limb or sense organ, and during reinforcement of sensory information such as in learning. Neuroplasticity forms the basis of research into brain-computer interface technology, in which computers are designed to interact with the brain to restore sensation in people with an impaired sense such as the loss of vision. Research on neuroplasticity is also aimed at improving scientists' understanding of how to reactivate or deactivate damaged areas of the brain in people affected by stroke, emotional disorders, chronic pain, psychopathy, or social phobia; such research may lead to improved treatments for these conditions.

Michelle Rigby, Relaxation Specialist | The Holisitic Mental Health Clinic, St. Petersburg FL

Michelle Rigby's Rate:
$35 per 45-60 min. session

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